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Friday, NO PT, so I took gym off too.

Touch and go Powercleans, from the hang 2RM (190lbs)
5 rounds
2 T and G PC from hang (145)
Max reps chins (35 total reps)
Tabata Deadlift @ 315, 25 total reps

the above mentioned powerclean goes like so: deadlift do hang, then drop weight and powerclean..touch and go! i was going for more trap dominated workout, so I didnt go too heavy where I had to drop into a front squat to catch. my point was to explode weight so I had to do a maximum 1/4 squat to catch it properly..traps are sore today, it worked!

I am loving my new workouts, it provides the variety I was after, and if i dont want to lift, it is easy to just miss a day or tack 2 workout into one like i did saturday, with my previous protocol i felt like i HAD to hit everyday... staying strong and getting lean. this program also is allowing me to get a full balance of work, i felt before my upper back was being neglected
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finally got camera, more vids to come!
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