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Thank you for the reply,

As mentioned in my original post I have already read both articles Jeremy Loenneke's posted to this site, which is why I joined up, I have a few follow up questions I didn't feel were answered.

The article lists exercise recommendations, but not recommended volume or frequency. My physiotherapist recommended only one upper body and one lower body exercise per day for 9 days straight then resting 4 days, so all I've been able to do is combine the two sources of information and then attempt to make a routine that covers my full body.

I really have no idea how effective this would be though, occlusion is such a foreign way of training to me, here's what a I drew up laid out in it's entirity;

Day 1 - Bench + Squat
Day 2 - Barbell Row + Leg Ext.
Day 3 - Military Press + Trap Deadlift
Day 4 - Lat Pull + Leg Curl
Day 5 - Skullcrusher + Calf Raise
Day 6 - Zottman Curl + Romanian Deadlift
Day 7 - Bench + Squat
Day 8 - Barbell Row + Leg Ext.
Day 9 - Military Press + Trap Deadlift
Day 10 - Rest
Day 12 - Rest
Day 13 - Rest
Day 14 -Rest

Oh and I decided to use blood pressure cuffs instead of knee wraps.
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