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12 minutes on exercise bike
low incline presses, light slow controlled high reps 25# x 20 reps, 3 sets total

low incline flys 50# x 12,12
-superset low incline presses 50# x 12 reps

low incline flys 60# x 8-12
-superset low incline presses 60# x whatever # takes it up to 20 total reps
-superset btb 10# plate flys x 7 reps
-superset 10# plate laterals x 7 reps
-superset 10# plate front raises x 7 reps
-superset reverse curls with straight bar x 20 reps
-superset wide grip pullups slow/controlled 8-12

I'm not sure how many sets of the above protocol I did. Somewhere between 5 and 9. Once I get in the zone I just keep going.
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