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Default Choosing the right whey

In all of my life I have been listening to expert opinions and ideas about which is the best and worst type of whey and I have heard so many opinions that today at my 39 years of age I realised I know nothing. I am now so confused that I am convinced that I know nothing.

I usually get my information from supplement stores which is not the best place to get this as everyone tries to sell what gives them most profit but I try to filter out what I find reasonable explanation. I am most concenrned about selecting the most apropriate whey.
Different opinions I get are:
1) Pure whey is the best
2) Pure isolate is the best because of rapid absorbption
3) Isolate is not always good. Get a blended whey with isolate, concentrate, egg, and soy protein because it will gradually release protein and this is more beneficial
4) Take an all-in-one protein to save money. It doesn't matter if creatine, glutamine are included. Why buy them separately? it's the same.
5) Don't take all-in-one but pure whey and buy each supplement separately.

Now, for me all explanations sound reasonable so I always end up in buying what they want to sell me.

Could someone please tell me which is the correct answer? I am not a pro bodybuilder but rather a well-built enthusiast without enough time to read and educate myself on nutrition and workouts so I just try to do my best as an amateur. My targets are as most people, fitness and some muscle gain or maintenance without fat gains so I could say, clean bulk but not too much. I would be very happy if at last this big issue for me could be clarified once and for all.

Finally, the last product that was promoted to me is EXTRIFIT WPC 80 which is a Czech product. ( I haven't managed to find any review so does anyone know of this product? is it any good or just another muscletech-kind of whey. Are there any reviews for this?

Lastly, as a pre-workout I got Muscletech Nano-Vapor although I have always been against Muscletech but the salesman there insisted very strongly that it I should try it and that I wouldn't be disappointed so I thought why not give it a try. So is that product really good or just over-marketed product as many people claim for Muscletech?

Sorry for big post but usually I don't post so consider this as an all-in-one post :-)
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