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Originally Posted by Charles Izzo View Post
Additionally, you have to consider the fact that insulin causes fat storage. With that in mind, in order to reap the benefits without experiencing fat gain hindering desired fat loss, you'd have to make sure the rest of your diet is in check.

Definitely need the rest of the diet in check.

Originally Posted by Charles Izzo View Post
However, I'd warn that it really does depend on your goals. HUGE insulin spikes will help you get stronger, but they are also bad for you. So you have to consider that.
I believe it isn't so much the huge insulin spike that is the problem, but rather it is the NUMEROUS and CONSTANT insulin spikes that the typical American diet causes.

I don't have a study to back me up (not saying there isn't one, I am just too lazy to look, lol), but I believe a healthy powerlifter/bodybuilder with their diet in check with have no adverse effects from a huge insulin spike 4 to 5 times per week with their workout shake.

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