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Originally Posted by LocalRedHead View Post
I am returning to fitness and working out after a couple years...

I am reading a lot of opinions on other sites about carbs in PWO shake being unneeded and in fact spiking insulin after PWO is useless because the protein will do this naturally.

In addition I've seen posts pointing to research about how the window of opportunity is not immediately after workout but rather a full 24 hours after working out.

I'm looking for differing opinions on this because it shatters my beliefs from everything I've learned on this site.

Please help me settle this issue.

You can do it with a shake or you can do it with other types of food. It actually does help A LOT in making you stronger. I've tried it recently, consuming a lot of carbs post workout, and it definitely made a noticeable difference within a few weeks.

However, I'd warn that it really does depend on your goals. HUGE insulin spikes will help you get stronger, but they are also bad for you. So you have to consider that.

Additionally, you have to consider the fact that insulin causes fat storage. With that in mind, in order to reap the benefits without experiencing fat gain hindering desired fat loss, you'd have to make sure the rest of your diet is in check.

And that's actually why I would highly recommend against post workout carbs to anyone who has A LOT of fat weight to lose. They need to get the rest of their diet in check first and learn how to drop the fat. They need to learn the basics first.
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