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Tuesday Evening - Delts

Rear Delts and Lateral Raises

Wednesday AM - Arms

* Western PA was hammered with snow this morning, so I had to cut down some volume on my arm workout (just a few sets) as shoveling took me a bit longer than expected.

1. DB Hammer Curl
28.5x12, 3 sets

ss w/

Tricep Rope Pressdown
41x12, 2 sets
41x12, drop set to 31x8

2. Preacher Curl
50x10, 3 sets

ss w/

Landmine Shoulder Press with Band
35x15, 3 sets

* Saw this in a T-Nation article, it was nice. I like to throw in a compound movement for triceps on my arm day. It had previously been DB Floor Press. That was a but tough on my pec, some my thoughts were either to eliminate the pause (which I think would make it easier on my pecs) or try something new. The top ROM of a shoulder press tends to hit the triceps well as it is, then add in the band for increased resistance, and you have a pretty effective tricep exercise.

3. Barbell Curl - slow descent
50x8, 3 sets

ss w/

Ring OH Tricep Ext
BWx10, 2 sets

4. Incline OH Barbell Tricep Ext
50x15, 13, 12

ss w/

Band Curl
20 reps x 3 sets

Band Tricep Extensions
15 reps x 2 sets

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