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Friday: (forgot what PT was)
GYM: "box bench" this particular gym, I dont have a bench to I stack plyo boxes to make a bench...I started naming it, because i get almost no feet drive, its all chest...a little harder to do

Box bench: 190x3x5
ss w/
ab twist
Squat clusters
(focus on speed, very short rest between mini sets)

Powerclean: 175x5x3 (setsxreps)
21,15,9 reps
225 deadlift
Handstand sh. press (did not do all reps...its hard!)

no PT,
Squat 3x5 @365
5 rounds
10 reps: 45lb walking overhead lunge
10 20" box jumps
10 pullups
repeat. (15 minutes to finish)
my youtube channel:

finally got camera, more vids to come!
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