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PA Dutch 2

Weighed in at 195 on Friday. (Lost 20lbs in about 6 weeks) Went to a buffet and bulked up lol.

First event was 12 inch last man standing log.
I hit 180, 200, 220, 240 and missed 260. I could not find my leg drive on the 260 attempt. I am used to a 10 inch log and 12 definately felt different. You have to get your head back more once you rack it.

Tire flip was second.
The tire was 550 for 10 reps. This is the second time I ever touched a tire and my main concern was to finish and not tear a bicep lol. Goal acheived.

Farmer's Walk was third.
220 per hand go 40 feet drop pick up and go another 40 feet. These felt real good and light to me. Experience helped.

18 inch DL Wessel's rules in effect.
3 attempts and you can jump in when you wanted to basically. I nailed 550 and 600 easy and thought 650 was going to come but after waiting so long in between attempts it was not happening today. (600 on video)

Stone over 52 inch bar was last. (200lb stone)
I was worried about this one because I did not want to embarass myself and not get one over the bar lol. I have no problem lifting a 200lb stone but I never tried putting it over a bar before. Luckily for me I got 4 pretty easy and then unfortunately hit the bar on my last 2 reps attempts and the bar won.

This was my second strongman contest ever and my goal was to complete all the events so I am pretty happy with the outcome. My only regrets were not hitting the 260 log and 650 deadlift. I have hit 262 on the 10 inch log for 3 and the 650 18 inch deadlift for 1 before.
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