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Monday - Back

* Overall my back is a strength, but I really feel that my upper and mid back need to come up to be on par with my lats. That's why I added pullups back in as I feel the overhand grip hits the upperback well in addition to the lats.

I also chose V-Bar Cable Rows today to really focus on scapular retraction to nail the midback and rhomboids. Plus, with cables, it is really easy to get a safe stretch without compromising your lower back.

BWx12, 10, 8

ss w/

Front Lever - 3 holds x 8 seconds

Deadstart Ring Row w/ Ab Bench Crunch
BWx8, 4 sets

Inverted Row, BWx8

ss w/

V-Bar Cable Row - first time doing this in awhile, trying to find the right weight
80, 90, 100, 110x8
120x8, 2 sets
110x8, 2 sets

Underhand rope pulldowns
80x12, 3 sets

* Next time I think I will pair the inverted rows with the underhand rope pulldown. Too much overlap in terms of musculature with the cable rows.

* I added bands for one back off set on the cable rows. It felt pretty neat, I will definitely be trying that again.

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