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Originally Posted by LocalRedHead View Post
I am returning to fitness and working out after a couple years...

I am reading a lot of opinions on other sites about carbs in PWO shake being unneeded and in fact spiking insulin after PWO is useless because the protein will do this naturally.
Post Workout Beverage

A whey/high glycemic index carbohydrate are an essential part of recovery. There is plenty of research on that.

The combination of whey and a high glycemic index carbohydrate provide a synergistic effect. That means the sum is greater than it parts.

A hyperbolic example would be 2 + 2 = 5.

Another Example

Think of it like having a heart attach. If you knew ahead of time you were going to have a heart attack, would you:

1) Take something to slow it down before you had it?

2) Take something while you were having it?

3) Take something immediately after having it?

4) Have it but don't do anything?

Obviously, you want to do 1, 2, and 3.

Hard training sessions cause some trama to the body.

So, what you do before, during and immediately after make a difference.

Nutrient Timing

This is one of the most definitive books on Pre, Peri and Post Workout consumption by Dr John Ivy. The beauty of the book is it is a quick easy read.

ABC Bodybuilding Research

This Advance Nutrition site at ABC Bodybuilding provide great information.

Maximize Protein Synthesis
by Bill Willis PhDc and John Meadows CISSN, CSCS

Willis and Meadow have an excellent article on how protein and high glycemic index carbodhyrates provide an anabolic environment.

Originally Posted by LocalRedHead View Post
In addition I've seen posts pointing to research about how the window of opportunity is not immediately after workout but rather a full 24 hours after working out.
The "Window" actually begins with your Pre Workout beverage or meal. It continues beyond that time frame.

What exactly is PROTEIN SYNTHESIS?!

This is an excellent audio seminar by Drs Layne Norton and Jake Wilson on protein synthesis and how it occurs. Protein Synthesis means more muscle mass.

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