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Originally Posted by Gibbster View Post
I for one really question the issue of lactose intolerance.

Personally, if I haven't been drinking milk for awhile and I start again, I spend a lot of time on the toilet. However, if I keep it up for a few days to a week, it goes away and all is fine.

I think you just need to let the body get used to digesting the lactose and all will be well.

I'm not stating this as fact and would love to hear from someone who has tried dairy for more than a week of regular consumption and was still intolerant.

Not to dig up an old thread but I thought I could provide some input on this. I'm lactose intolerant, but still able to eat some cheeses and sometimes it bothers me while other times it doesn't.

The explanation (straight from my doctor) is that your body does not produce the enzyme required to digest lactose at a constant rate. In fact, the body may produce higher amounts of the enzyme during different parts of the year and is prone to fluctuate on a week by week basis.

He said that as the body gets older the amount of fluctuation in folks who are lactose intolerant increases.

To go back to the quoted statement above; I have no doubt that badgering the body with milk products will tend to make it try and produce more of the required enzymes. However, I would also argue that the backlash from that prolonged exposure to milk would be more severe in the long term if you have problems with lactose to begin with.
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