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Nice it's one of the app I found last night and the one I was leaning most for but how accurate is its net daily caloric intake? Shouldn't it take into consideration bf%? It's only other possible flaws I see are its lack of hiit and calorie values for strength training...

And that's awesome! Glad you're doing well racing! ^_^ I had a knee/hip injury that then led to a back one... My back is still weak but knees are back to 95% or so and my hip acts up every now and then but otherwise I'm in decent shape.

I've been back for about 10 months now and my lifts have been dropping like mad for the past 4 months or so, so now I hired a trainer and am starting to watch my diet more in hopes of getting back there again but I'm thinking my stence/lifts might not have been right and that might have been why lost about a plate on every lift...
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