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Wednesday Evening - Arms - 4 superset combos

DB Hammer Curl
24.5x12, 3 sets

ss w/

Tricep Rope Pressdown
35x12, 3 sets
35x12, drop set to 30 x didn't count reps

Preacher Curl
45x10, 4 sets

ss w/

DB Floor Press (tricep focused - arms at sides at bottom)
52x15, 15, 12, 12

Barbell Curl
45x8, 3 sets

ss w/

Ring OH Tricep Ext
BWx10, 3 sets

Inc OH Barbell Tricep Ext
45x15, 12, 11

ss w/

Band Curl
20 reps x 3 sets

Band Tricep Extensions to finish off
2 sets to failure

* My arms are nothing special and that's something I plan on changing. My arms measure 15.25 cold, after this workout, they were a pumped 16.25! I added 1 inch of pump.

Thursday AM - Back (lat focused)

Prepumped lats with an extended set of underhand rope pulldowns

Front Lever - at the end of each set, I finish with an isometric hold for about 3 seconds
3 reps x 4 sets
1 hold x 10 seconds

(lever was supersetted with band upperback work)

Deadstart Ring Row w/ Ab Bench Crunch (utilizing lots of rest pauses and drop sets to increase intensity on abs)
BWx6, 4 sets
BWx1 - 10 second isometric hold

4 rounds:
Inverted Row, BWx8
One Arm T-Bar Row, 60x8 (on fourth round did a drop set, 60x10, 55x4, 50x4)

* I did the 1 arm t-bar row like this, nice stretch and contraction:

Underhand rope pulldowns
3 sets to failure - didn't focus on reps, just focused on pumping out reps with the occasional pause for stretch and pause/squeeze in the contracted position

* I did the pulldowns similar to this, back to pad, really lets you get both a deep stretch and quality contraction, rope allows a natural ROM as well:

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