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The last time I heard someone mention something like this was like ten years ago, when I was in the military. I remember a guy telling me about his body smelling like pure ammonia during a 25 mile ruck march with full gear on. From what I've read it happens when your on a low carbohydrate diet and your body is forced to break down protein and use it as its primary energy source. Basically ammonia is a waste product that comes from this process and is excreted through your skin. Well muscle is made up of protein and water, and since you said your day begins with your workout I would think that your body is breaking down muscle tissue to use it as a energy source because you don't eat any thing before your workout in addition to already being on a low carb diet.maybe a combination of the two. It makes since with a 25 mile ruck march to because with a full load of gear at that distance your muscles are going to be on fire, believe me, I've done plenty of ruck marches. Like I mentioned previously try to get a meal in before you workout with carbs and protein. Also drinking a intra-workout shake with ammino acids would help muscle tissue from breaking down. I would recommend Xtends which works really well for this. Its a intra-workout ammino acid supplement. And after your workout eat plenty of carbs and protein to replenish your energy and speed up recovery. Also drinking more water is suppose to help with the ammonia smell. At the minimum eat carbs and protein pre-workout and drink more water. If that doesnt work also add the ammino acid during your workout. And if that fails you may have to slightly increase your overall carb intake. Just try one step at a time until it resolves the ammonia smell. Hope this helps...
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