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If you're trying to cut fat I would stick with either brown rice, oats,100% whole grain bread and/or baked sweet potatoes. They're full of the good complex carbs you want to eat. Try to limit the total amount of carbs per day and I would consume them around my workout times meaning before and after. Late in the day I would pretty much cut out the carbs because its not like you need them unless you workout late in the day. With the total amount of carbs you need to find out how many grams you are consuming daily then slowly adjust that number down. Your meal frequency looks good, but you may need to adjust it a little. Since you eat 5 times a day and weight 215, I would try to get in around 43grams of protein per meal to equal 215 grams per day totaled. If possible you should try to get some protein and carbs before you workout to give you energy to improve your workout and help with recovery. I would try to invest into some protein powder which would help you get in more protein per day. Before your workout you could consume a protein shake with oats blended in. For breakfast i would cut out the cheese and possibly add a protein shake or eat a few more eggs without the yolk to reach 43 grams of protein. The nuts are a good snack, you could also add some plain yogurt to increase your protein. At noon i would have either tuna or turkey with brown rice or a sweet potato and vegetables. Around 3 pm i would have some sort of meat and vegetables with brown rice or a sweet potato if your energy is dragging. At dinner chicken is a good choice baked and the veggies are good also, just ditch the potato because you don't need any carbs this late in the day if you're trying to cut. Vegetables are usually low in carbs, especially the ones you mentioned. For the oatmeal, brown rice, and sweet potato try to reduce the amount to say 30grams of carbs each time you eat one of the three. Also make sure the yogurt is low in carbs also. I would try that for a few weeks and see how you body responses, then lower the carb amount to 25 grams and so on. From my experience the lower amount of carbs i consume the lower my bodyfat drops, but my energy levels drop also. Of course you would still be exercising. I would try this and adjust the carbs until you have found the right range for you to lower your body fat and still have a good amount of energy. If you're shooting for 10 percent body fat you shouldn't have to drop to low with the carbs. I've been down to 4 percent body fat using the method i mentioned, of course I also do heavy resistance training and cardio also. Don't forget, the lower amount your carbs are the lower your energy levels will or may drop. Hope this helps...
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