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yeah, Commander, I am enjoying this. my body is getting beat down as much, or more as before..but each day brings something new, not just the usual "grind" its entertaining

PT: very cold outside..did P90x cardio and abs (not my choice!!)..on a side note, we did do the yoga one last week..I really enjoyed it, I am planning on starting yoga each sunday morning before my family wakes up

4 rounds
Powerclean 155x1 clean and 3 front squats
seated box jump x 3 @ 36 inches (very powerful movement)
50 jumpropes..still working on doubleunders..LOL

thats it! its Friday, had a hard enough time getting motivation to even go! LOL. trying to rest my shoulder..think I developed tendonitis or a bursitis in it..gets very sore after some workouts..need just simple rest
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finally got camera, more vids to come!
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