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Thursday - Deadlift

358.5x5, 9 sets

Superset with

Leg Extension
77.5x10, 7 sets

*Deadlifts felt great, once again, I love deadlifts

Shrugs - basically did sets as I stripped down the weights from deadlift, 2 second pause at top, not really sure of reps as I just went to concentric failure
256 in front, 206 in front and then back, 170 in front and then back, 120 in back

* The sets in front are harder, so switching to behind the back after a set in the front is like a mechanical drop set

Leg Curls
1 Chain (25 lbs) + 10 x 12
1 Chain + 12.5 x 12, 2 sets
1 Chain + 12.5, +7.5, +2.5 x 12, 5, 5, partials

* Wow, I need to do this more often. I can't remember the last time I had a hamstring pump. The chains were a nice touch, with the accomodating resistance, it was much harder at the top which was nice because usually with leg curls it becomes too easy in the top ROM and the pad slams off your butt if you lift explosively. The chains actually came off the ground at the top so I know I was using the full 25 pounds. It didn't mess me up when they came off the ground though.

For the leg curls I rested about 45 seconds, exploded the reps and squeezed hard at the top. The final drop set was killer and I could barely move the pads for the partials. Nice finish to the workout.

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