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Question healthy carbs

So I have never had the body I wanted. Over the last year I have done p90x 2 rounds, Insanity 1 round and asylum 2 rounds. Now I'm at 6' 215lbs from 246. I have always had a lot of muscle but could never see it. I have made great strides with my dieting and now know I am carb sensitive. I would like to cut to around 10% body fat but I'm struggling with evening meals . With a busy schedule some times dinner is pasta. Now I need to do better an would like advice on some realty good brads or muffins. I would even take recipes or links to good sights.
Every one likes details do here goes. I'm 43 and have never been a bodybuilder but ever one I know who builds says I have the frame and base to look huge. I just need to cut. I have also had back surgery 2x for disk problems not a game stoper. I have lifted on aand of to years and I curious to see what I look like cut.
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