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Default here it update! squatting, benching, deadlifting, repeat..has gotten old (MIKE Z dont hate me!). In an attempt to change it up a bit and hopefully refresh me (yes..working out started to become a chore..even after a week off I was not looking forward to lifting)..I am going to give a run at the football version of crossfit. ..they seem to center on olympic lifting more..and dumb crossfit circuits it seems interesting. I feel I need a more "rounded" workout that will keep me on my toes so I can re energize myself. I have taken a more "lifetime approach" to my fitness and think this will give me the best opportunity to become more fully rounded and get me into excellent all around shape..while still being able to maintain my strenght. dont get me wrong..if I go too long without a good squat or DL session..I WILL throw one in!! lets see where this goes after a week or 2 and re assess.

10 "rounds" (I hate that word)
Squat x1 @395
Push Press x1 @ 180
Deadlift x1 @450

Snatch x2 @ 25kg each side of bar
Pullups, 20lbs x 5 reps
high pulls ss w/ snatch ss w/ press x 3 reps..5 rounds starting at 75% of 2RM for snatch.

Weds: rest
my youtube channel:

finally got camera, more vids to come!
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