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I don't really have any physical fitness background other than being on and off serious about the gym. I've been in an 'on' phase for about 3 months now and am ready to take it on permanently but it's hard working full time and finishing a degree. haha

I'm 5'8 and roughly 160 and in fairly good shape bodyfat and cardio wise, but looking to improve in all areas. The cardio machines at the gym are getting easier and easier so I guess I need to start upping the resistance and whatnot.

My biggest concern right now is that I have tendonitis in my forearms that seems to have stemmed from bicep workouts. It's been there for a month and a half or so but slowly feeling better and better. I tried some heavy biceps the other day and it started to hurt again so I stopped. It doesn't seem aggravated with light bicep workouts, luckily.

Though I personally feel this is unrelated, the website claims to "boldly uphold the principles taught in the bible." I don't have a problem with this so long as I am allowed to be Agnostic/Atheist, which I am. =]
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