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Default Creating a Power training program for firefighters

I am on my way to being a personal trainer through NPTI and NASM, and have been working on building my different potential demographics, seminars, group classes, and so on. Through this process, one day on the way home from work, I spotted in a local firehouse the huge weight setup they have in one of the engine bays, and thought...I wonder if they already have a trainer, program, and what use they actually get out of that equipment. On top of working with people who truly need help escaping the grasp of diabetes, heart disease, and the ails of modern work and home lifestyle, I do love the idea of helping our men in red have a better chance at safely doing their job and saving lives.

So, I'm starting to contact firefighters for their input in preparing a plan before actually approaching stations and seeing what their setup is and if they would like a trainer on the cheap (I'll be donating some time and charging low rates to firefighters). I'm guessing that beyond general fitness and establishing tensegrity to minimize injuries, they would most likely be interested in power training, with some degrees of absolute strength, for those emergency situations when they may have to move something off themselves, or someone else.

I certainly have some ideas, but I would love to get a mixture of input on: what actual goals firefighters might have as priorities, where to get the best resources on power training program building, and finally all of your direct thoughts on what you would do to improve someones ability to have power reserves in potentially emergency situations.

Cheers and thank you all for the input!
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