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Originally Posted by Ratcat View Post
There is still a place for failure sets. i like to fail at 2 or 3 reps every now and then. I think my body takes longer to recover these days so I have days when I'll just do 30 minutes of rowing and that is my workout. Then there are days when I'll lift heavy.
A Place For Training To Failure

As Ratcat stated, there is a place in trainng to failure.

During a training cycle, the final week you want to push the final week to faiure or close to it.

Recovery Period

After the final week of pushing it to the limit, you need to Reset/Recycle.

This allows you to recovery. The first week after your heavy week is more of an "Active Recovery" week which will be light and easy.

Ratcat provides a good example of that.

Constantly Training To Failure

Training to failure every workout is conterproductive.

At some point you overtrain.

Originally Posted by Ratcat View Post
Protein shake after workout to start the recovery is essential.
Protein/Carbohydrate Shake

Restoration is enhance much more if you combine a high glycemic index carbohydrate with protein. (A dextrose/whey protein combination along with some electolytes).

The high glycemic index carbohydrate provides additional benefits.

1) Shuttles nutrients to the muscle faster.

2) Decreases cababolic cortisol levels.

3) Spike anabolic insulin levels.

Adding a high glycemic index carbohyrate provides some additional anaboic effets.

Chocolate Milk

For those who want something simple and easy, Chocolate Milk works.

Originally Posted by Ratcat View Post
It has been over 4 years since my cancer treatment and I'm still getting over it. It still knocks me around but it doesn't stop me getting in a workout. I just have to work around it. And I am so much better off physically because I have been able to work out. Cheers.
That is a very impressive story.

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