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Originally Posted by Kenny Croxda View Post
It Doesn't Work

The reason many things don't work is that individuals write and/or perform the program incorrectly.

As the saying goes, "Garbage in, garbage out".

Kenny Croxdale
Originally Posted by arian11 View Post
Sometimes I wonder if you are even reading and listening to what I say. Or if you are some kind of semi troll that likes posting pretty section names or something...
Arian was having a respectful conversation with you Mr. Croxdale. And as another observer of the conversation, it was you who appeared not to be reading what he wrote. Your responses appeared disjointed and your comment I quoted above is close to offensive.

If you go back to his first posts here, you see Arian was eager to learn and apply what he learned. Further, he followed programs based on science created by Dr. Zourdos. As a friend of Dr. Zourdos, I can tell you he is not interested in any garbage. He is interested in making his programs as efficient as possible.

Arian is a great success story on this site, taking his maxes from measly to respectable in a very short time. He also went from someone who had to ask many questions to someone who gives back and tries to help others.

You were really hard on Arian for using the term "I think." However, it is not a fault to admit when something is your opinion. Some of your comments were anecdotal, yet you stated them as if it were set in stone.

Finally, you may be stronger than Arian, but that doesn't make you any more correct when you state a point. And if Arian were stronger, it wouldn't make him any more correct either. Facts are facts regardless of who is stronger. You definitely appeared be rubbing that in and using your strength to back up your points when strength has many factors; training experience, age, non-weightlifting injuries, family factors, life stress, etc.

I hope if you continue to post here you take this to heart.

James 1:16-17 ESV
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