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Originally Posted by arian11 View Post
I knew if I said your true 1RM you would make some excuse as to why you didn't have a video of your max. But, of course, you didn't read or listen at all and just took my words out of context to your advantage so you wouldn't post any videos of your lifts.
My Past Deadlift Training

I at one time trained my deadlift with "Bounce Deadlifts".

Using that method my best pull was 575 lbs at 181 lbs.

You best pull at the same weight is 501 lbs.

My Present Deadlift Training

My Deadlift training now does not involve any Deadlifts.

Bill Starr

My trainng revolves around...

1) Heavy Partial Good Mornings as a means of increasing strength.

2) Hang Power Cleans to develop power.

Bill Starr promoted this method decade ago.

Another powerlifter, Loren Betzer applied this method a bit differently.

Louie Simmons' utilizes Good Mornings and quotes from Starr, at times.

The "No Deadlift, Deadlift Program

The foundation of my training and the above article is based empirical data and research from Starr, Betzer, Simmons and Dr Tom McLaughlin, Dr John Garhammer and Dr Fred Hatfields.

617 lb Deadlift

My best Deadlift is 617 lbs at 210 lbs. I did NO deadlifts prior to the meet.

My 617 lb Deadlift is a State Record in my Weight Class/Age Group.

My 562 lb squat and 375 lb bench press is, as well.

My records are posted online. So, feel free to google them.

Originally Posted by arian11 View Post
And its funny that you post videos of Dr. Norton because he doesn't bounce off the ground and I know for a FACT that he is doing singles for deadlifts right now.
Revese Band Loading

The point of the Norton Deadlift video was to demonstrate a more effective method of overloading the top part of the deadlift WITHOUT performing Rack Deadlift, as you suggested.

Poundstone and Magnússon

I find it interesting that I posted vidoe of two great deadlifters performing "Bounce Deadlifts" and you failed to respond.

That definitely say something.

Originally Posted by arian11 View Post
How? Because the same person who is writing programs for him, Dr. Zourdos, writes programs for me.
Causation Does NOT IMPLY Corrolation

In plain English, that means that just because Norton's training may resemble some aspects of Zourdos', I doubt that Zourdos's write Norton's program.

I am sure Zourdos does influence Norton's training to some extent.

However, Norton knows enough to write his own.

New Training Methods

When new training method/ideas are presented to individuals, the initial response is met with skepticism.

The skepticiam comes from a lack of knowledge.


New methods/ideas should be scrutinized with great care. That means you need to examine them in more depth, especially when they have produced results for others.

Doing so, will take you much further down the road.

We be done.

We have exhausted this topic.

I have provided you with information. What you decided to do with it is up to you.

Good luck with your lifting.

Kenny Croxdale
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