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Originally Posted by Kenny Croxda View Post
Singles X 80%

No one should have a problem with performing a single with good technique at 80% of their 1RM, unless their lower back is overtrained.

Thus, I don't see the point in examining a video of someone performing a 80%of 1RM Deadlift.

Deadlift For Reps

Derek Poundstone does a nice job for the first 6 reps on this deadlift.

Again, once technique falls apart, STOP. Poundstone SHOULD have stopped at rep 6.

Benedikt Magnússon

Benedikt Magnússon's best pull is 1015 lbs. This video demonstrates him bouncing 880 lbs X 5 reps in the deadlift with room to spare.

Magnússon uses good technique with all his reps. Magnússon stops before his technique break down, unlike Poundstone.

The Bounce

Poundstone and Magnússon get a nice bounce off the floor. This does two things.

1) Trains Power. The revelance of power is generating enough speed to slide through the sticking point.

For a Conventional Deadlifter, that sticking point is traditionally in the knee area.

2) Overload the Top End.

Since Conventional Deadlifters usually stall at the top end, they do not get as much overload training at the top end.

Thus, "Bounce Deadlifts" (Touch and Go) allow you to overload the top end.

Reverse Band Deadlift

Dr Layne Norton (PhD in Nutrition, Bodybuilder and Powerlifter) who's articles you be found on this site, demonstrates Reverse Band Deadlifts in the video above. Norton's best pull is 695 lbs.

Peforming Deadlifts with Bands allows you to:

1) Overload the Top End.

The Conventional Deadlift (Sumo, as well) has an "Ascending Strength Curve". The bump in the road (Sticking Point) is the knee area.

One of the objectives with Conventional Deadlifter is to learn to generate enough power to "Slide through this mudhole" knee area.

Specific Power Movement Exercise (Bounce Deadlifts) allow you to train this. Other exercise are effective in developing power, as well. A different topic for another time.

2) Maintain Technique.

Reverse Band Deadlifts allows you to gradually overload the muscles involved throughout the movement. Thus, maintaining good technique is easier to do compared to Rack Deadlifts.

Something else Norton displays in is deadlift is a...

Minor Stretch Reflex

Norton elicits a minor stretch reflex in breaking the weight off the floor. Norton does this by pumping his legs prior to initiating the drive off the floor.

Poundstone and Magnússon also "Drop before the Drive" out of the hole.

This allows them to produce a little more power in coming off the floor.

Deadlift Singles

Performing Deadlifts for singles is an effective method of developing technique and increasing strength.

However, to maximize the Deadlift, other axuiliary movements to increase strength and power need to be employed along the way. The "Bounce Deadlift" is one such movement.

Kenny Croxdale
Lol that is why I said 80+% which means it can be anything above 80%. I was just giving you the leeway because I knew if I said your true 1RM you would make some excuse as to why you didn't have a video of your max. But, of course, you didn't read or listen at all and just took my words out of context to your advantage so you wouldn't post any videos of your lifts.

And its funny that you post videos of Dr. Norton because he doesn't bounce off the ground and I know for a FACT that he is doing singles for deadlifts right now. How? Because the same person who is writing programs for him, Dr. Zourdos, writes programs for me. The same one that I posted in this thread earlier. The same one that has Dr. Norton squatting and benching like 4x a week and deadlifting for singles 3x a week.

You are a joke. I'm sure you won't even listen to this post either. You remind me of another poster that use to post here, Charles Izzo. You should go look up some of his posts, you two are very similar. He was the reason why alot of the smart scientists left this site. I hope you don't do the same, though there really isn't anyone left here for you to scare away with your bs.
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