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Originally Posted by arian11 View Post
Sometimes I wonder if you are even reading and listening to what I say.

I wonder the same about you because I keep having to go back over the same information.

Rather than go back over things, again. You might try reading and absorbing some of the information posted.

"I think..."

Your postings tell me you are guessing about things. You haven't use or tried them. All you done is think can come up with your conjectures.

Thinking is a start. You just need to follow it up.

Originally Posted by arian11 View Post
Or if you are some kind of semi troll that likes posting pretty section names or something...
Pretty Sections

They are both pretty and functional. They allow you do identify the topic cover it in an economy of words.

Reserach Resources

I have provided you with research information from two PhD who were also power lifter and another strength coach. They provide you with more than "I think..." conjectures.

Read. Implement. Learn.

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I guarantee it will never work if you never try it.

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