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Originally Posted by Kenny Croxda View Post
Bad Technique

Bad technique happens with singles just as with Touch and Gos.

Beginner's and intermediates perform deadlifts with improper technique even with singles. That "just go get more reps in."

No matter how you twist it, bad technique will and does occur with singles as well as reps.

Heavy Singles

Heavy singles simulate powerlifting meet contitions. So, they should be practices at some point.

That holds true with the squat and bench press.

The Irony

The irony of performing Rack Deadlifts the movement is no the same regular deadlifts. That means you technique is not the same. Thus, your are reinforcing poor technique.

Auxilary Movements

What you want is an auxiliary exercise that train the weak point without reinforcing poor technique.

No, it does not adress the original post.

Kenny Croxdale
I never said bad technique does not happen with singles. I'm saying bad technique gets worse with touch and go reps. With singles, each rep becomes its own. You set up solely for that attempt and if you do something wrong, you are able to try and correct it on your next attempt. I bring my iPod to the gym all the time, so I'll film my first single and watch it before I attempt my second. That way I can adjust based on any mistakes I'm making. Plus singles give you more chances to practice set up which a beginner needs. Instead of doing 3 sets of 5 you can now do 5-10 sets of singles and get more chances at a perfect set up and a perfect attempt.

Once again, I never said singles should not be attempted with squats and bench press. They should and I definitely do it, especially with paused bench leading up to a meet. What I am saying is that singles for deadlift are even more important than squats or bench because it better mimics a 1RM because you don't start with the negative phase in the deadlift. With touch and go reps the saying is, "if you can do it for a single, you can do it for a triple." This is because the next reps will become easier because you are using the stretch reflex, you are bouncing off the ground and using momentum, and with the bar bending you are shortening the distance of the successive reps.

Except rack pull is a different exercise as a regular deadlift and your mind knows this. You have a separate motor pattern that is made for a rack pull than for a regular deadlift. Just like you would have a separate motor pattern for a front squat as you would for a back squat. But I'm sure most coaches would recommend rack pulls over touch and go reps for a lockout weakness because it is more specific to what your goal is and, once again, does not interfere with the regular deadlift motor patterns.

Also, I have no proof to back this claim up but I don't think touch and go reps are as safe. When I see people banging the bar off the ground I think, "where is that force going?" Well I would think first it pounds into your wrist, which can't be good, then travels up your arms and into your spine which can't be good either.
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