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Originally Posted by greatkeen View Post
This link to DR.SQUAT is broken?
Ok, try this:

Originally Posted by greatkeen View Post
OK... if i do 4 exercises & 3-4 sets of each for say Chest i would need around 6 days of rest to recover....given i keep all parameters same (diet etc) but do just 1-2 exercise (say bench press & pec deck) for 3-4 sets each of Chest.... would i still need same 6 days to recover??

the point of all high frequency workouts is ... lower the volume to the point where you can hit the same body part again at least twice in a week... some program even make it 3 & 4 times....and mind you these programs work (granted a deload/week off is a good idea every 6-10 weeks).
Actually, that approach makes some sense.

Originally Posted by greatkeen View Post
a good way to tell if you are doing too much & over training is Progress in gym... i make it a point to increase weight every other week the exercise is repeated, be it as low as 2.5 lbs... and when you can't do that then it's time to take off.
Good point.

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