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Originally Posted by arian11 View Post
Thanks dude.

The job, itself, is fine. It is the idea of working so much that bothers me lol. It leaves me with about 5 hours a day on week days to enjoy myself. And all that time basically goes to eating, taking my dog to the dog park, lifting, eating, and then getting ready for bed.

Nah, they weren't competing. They had some friends who were so they just came for support.
Welcome to the world dude!! haha, my biggest adjustment after joining the army when I was 18 came when I should have been on summer vacation..and had to keep going to work! LOL I find (wether moving, and I do that a lot, deployed, or in a different army school) that setting a routine really helps out with adjustment, and time management is a MUST! One other piece of advice, if you will..dont get too caught up on your workouts...get real life things done first, and if you have time then lift..and dont be afraid to abbreviate a workout, results still come!
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