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Originally Posted by Kenny Croxda View Post
That a good point.

Distribute and Build Up Volume

It hard to comment on something that isn't well defined. Please provide more information on that.

Kenny Croxdale
Squat 5s @ 80%
Deadlift 1s @ 70%

Bench 5s @ 77.5%
Military 5s @ 9RPE

Squat 3s @ 85%
Deadlift 1s @ 80%

Bench 3s @ 82.5%
Military 3s @ 9RPE

Squat 2s @ 90%, last set is max reps
Deadlift 1s @ 90%

Bench 2s @ 87.5%, last set is max reps
Paused Bench Single @ 9RPE

Too much to type everything out but that is how week 1 looked like and basically just added 10 lbs week 2 and 5 lbs week 3. So Friday effectively turned into squat 90+% for doubles and then hitting 5-6 reps on the max reps set, and then pulling singles at 90+%. Then sometimes I threw in a back exercise in afterwards like pullups or rows or lat pull downs.

Though it is kind of irrelevant what my programming was, what I was merely trying to point out is that it could be something much more simple. Usually when people get hurt or regress in weights it is because of bad form, bad warm ups, bad programming or a combination of them all.
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