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Originally Posted by greatkeen View Post
recovery time is very subjective. i have been very successfully alternating 2 sessions of heavy deadlifts one week while 1 session of same heavy deadlift 2nd week. this i am able to carry on (with progression) for 8-10 weeks before needing a deload/week off.
Recovery Time

I understand that everyone recovey time is different. However, there are prameters that apply to the majority of individuals.

You appear to respond to more frequent sessions. The majority of individuals don't.

Lower Back

For the majority of individuals, the lower back is quickly and easily overtrained with frequent deadlift sessions.

Dr Tom McLaughlin (PhD in Exercise Biomechanics/Former Powerlifter) stated that in one of his series of articles on deadlift training.

McLaughlin cautioned, "...whatever you do, DON'T OVER TRAIN THE LOWER BACK. These muscles fatigue faster than almost any other muscle group in the body and also take more time to recover."

Originally Posted by greatkeen View Post
in my opinion if you manage the overall volume (of different exercises & no of sets/reps) then 2 sessions of heavy deadlifts (say Mon & Fri) can easily be managed.
Two Heavy Session A Week

Very few individuals will benefit or repsond from two heavy deadlift sessions a week.

The lower back cannot handle it.


Individuals like you may be able to handle it.

A novice can make some initial progress with it.

However, the the majority of individuals are going to have a negative reaction. Their deadlift strength will decrease.

Muscle Recovery Rate

Dr Fred Hatfield addressed the recovery rate of muscles in his article, "Finding The Ideal Training Split.

"Days Of Recovery Required For Each Body Part Before Training It Again"

As per Hatfield, Large Muslces trained heavy need around 6 days of rest to recover.

However, heavy deadlift training at some point for the majority is going to take longer, 7-10 days or longer.

That is why some powerlifters train their deadlift once heavy every 14 days.

Keeptruckin's Bench Press Problem

Part of his problem is his deadlift recovery time spill over to his bench press. His metabolic and CNS are still drained.

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