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Originally Posted by Kenny Croxda View Post
[b][u]Deadlift Recovery Time

Heavy deadlifts require 7-21 days of recovery time.

The length of your recovery time cuts into your bench press training, as well as everything else.

It's hard to perform well with anything when your metabolism and central nervous system are below par.
recovery time is very subjective. i have been very successfully alternating 2 sessions of heavy deadlifts one week while 1 session of same heavy deadlift 2nd week. this i am able to carry on (with progression) for 8-10 weeks before needing a deload/week off.

in my opinion if you manage the overall volume (of different exercises & no of sets/reps) then 2 sessions of heavy deadlifts (say Mon & Fri) can easily be managed.

did i say i am dangerously addicted to deadlifts.
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