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Originally Posted by greatkeen View Post
i always do deadlifts at the end of my after that i have nothing left to do anything in the gym even driving my car back is a big task.. deadlifts if done with decent weights are very taxing on entire body.
Taxing Deadlift

Good point.

More than anything, the deadlift (squats, as well) deplete you.

Thus, you need allow some recovery time between when you deadlift and bench press.

Deadlifts Last In Training

Sounds like works for you.

However, exercises like deadlifts while demanding, trigger a lot of growth. With that said, greater overall gains come from performing them first in your session.

Doing so, allows you maximize your results.

Good Mornings

This is another great posterior chain movement that to some degree simulate the deadlift.

In my experience, I have found allows to maximize my posterior chain training.

However, it does not deplete me to the same extent as deadlifts.

Deadlift Recovery Time

Heavy deadlifts require 7-21 days of recovery time.

The length of your recovery time cuts into your bench press training, as well as everything else.

It's hard to perform well with anything when your metabolism and central nervous system are below par.

Good Morning Recovery Time

Good Morning Recovery Time is about 7 days. That means your other lifts do not suffer or if so minimally.


1) Rethink your deadlift program. Provide longer rest periods between deadlift sessions, 10 days or more.

I realize that 10 day rest periods then to throw off routines.

A 14 Day Deadlift session, could be going heavy every other week and very light every other week.

2) Replace Deadlifts

Two movements that compliment the deadlift are heavy partial Good Mornings combined with Olmpic pulls or really heavy Kettlebell Swings.

Heavy Kettlebell swings mean using over 100 lbs.

Hungarian Core Blaster "Kettlebell"

This is a cheap effective tool for performing Heavy Kettlebell Swings. The cost to make it is about $20 plus the weight plates.

Heavy Hungarian "Kettlebell Swings" blast the erectors, hamstrings and glutes. This is one of the best Auxilary Power Deadlift Movement there is.

Change Something

The take home message is that you need to change something.

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