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Monday - Push Day

* Left shoulder hurting pretty bad, I feel like such an idiot. One thing gets better and I screw up something else. It is only when I make changes that I hurt myself. I screwed up my knee when I tried doing lots of squat partials. Now my shoulder is hurting because I was trying to create a "quiet" workout to do when my family is sleeping. I am 99% certain it was the DB Bench that hurt my shoulder.

I believe that the increase in ROM was a sudden surprise and also that I wasn't staying tight. When I set up for bench I make sure my back is tight and I have a good arch, but for DB, I was just laying back with the weight and pressing away. I think that resulted in some motion of the scapula that wasn't too awesome for my shoulder.

Instead of legs/pull/push, I might make the push day overhead focused (if I can do it pain free) with arms.

Bench Chains w/ Bicep Cable Curls and Band Pullaparts
140x6, 8 sets

Ring Pushups
BWx8, 4 sets
BWx4, 4, 4, 4

Bench Chains
140x2, 2, 2
120x3, 3, 3

Somehow I made it through, not sure if it was smart. Either way, horizontal pressing will be out for a while until my shoulder feels better. I hope Overhead work feels OK. I will try in a few days after my shoulder has some rest.

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