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Originally Posted by HardCory View Post
That bug seems to be going around everywhere; glad you're feeling better.


To anyone who has been following along, you know that my knee has been in pain which has left me to unable to squat. No back squats since June, no front squats since July. Many attempts at workout arounds have failed.

However, over the weekend, I had success (see post above)!

Here are parts of an e-mail I sent about the subject:

I wanted to let you know about a successful workout I had that actually left my quads sore and enabled me to squat fully, thighs to calves. Here is the method to my madness (and I'd love to hear your thoughts)

Swiss Ball Leg Curl to warmup - Reasons: 1) Hamstring dominant movements tend to not cause any pain or discomfort for me 2) John Meadows writes how a hamstring pump can help make squats safer 3) Any blood flow to the knee joint prior to squatting would be beneficial 4) Single leg work helps activate the musculature of the knee due to the stabilization required 5) Pre-fatigue legs somewhat so I won't have to use as much weight to get a hypertrophic effect from squatting 6) Keeping a tight glute bridge while doing swiss ball leg curls should help dynamically stretch the rectus femoris and hip flexors which, if tight, can contribute pain/discomfort to an already nagging knee joint when squatting.

Occluded Goblet Squats - Reasons: 1) Dan John writes how this is a great movement to naturally teach good squat position 2) Occluded to fatigue the legs more effectively 3) The occlusion obviously helped the pump immensely as just doing one set occluded pools lots of blood in the thighs, having a pump around the knee joint felt wonderful and the reps were deep and pain free.

* I also tried to keep constant tension to further amplify the occlusion effect by just barely avoiding lockout at the top.

Did some max height vertical jumps to finish off - Reasons: 1) Explosive movements are good for hitting fast twitch fibers 2) While normally an unloaded jump wouldn't be much of a stimulus, after the previous work, my legs were quite fatigued and these were challenging 3) Explosive work is safer after having a pump due to the cushion around the joints (and I must say, I haven't been able to jump pain free either, but during this workout, these jumps felt fine).

In terms of improving my leg workout from Saturday; I can definitely add more weight to the dumbbell. I think I would include a single leg movement as well to allow me to hit each quad more without needing excessive weight.


Also, if you've been following this journal, you know that my wife and I just brought a 3.5 year old into our home. And since most workouts will be when they are sleeping, the above referenced workout was perfect since it was completely quite.

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