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I was able to get in a workout before going into another midnight shift.

After the workout, my wife and I watched the 2nd episode of the Walking Dead. I must say, this season is great thus far.

Attempting some quad dominant leg stuff

Split Squats (both legs elevated for ROM, rear leg a bit higher)
40x5 (1.5 reps), 2 sets
25x6, 2 sets

Did some pushups between sets of split squats

Some back work to finish off

Ring Row w/ Pushups
BWx6, 4 sets

Ring Row - 15 seconds between each micro set
BWx3, 3, 3, 3

Cable Rope Row - 15 seconds between each micro set
BWx3, 3, 3, 3, 3, 3

Ring Row - 15 seconds between each micro set
BWx4, 4, 4, 4

* I thought I could do the split squat without hurting my knee, and it felt pretty good during, but afterward it seemed aggravated. I am going to have to keep a close eye on that. My legs are shrinking since I've been unable to do heavy back or front squats. It is really frustrating.

I have tried several workarounds to still hit my quads without hurting my knee and none have been very effective or totally pain free. I still have a few ideas to try:
Reverse Lunge
Cable Belt Squats
Squats off the rack (set at a ROM that doesn't hurt my knee) - only when kids awake, this will be loud
Occlusion - leg extensions or squats done with a ROM that doesn't hurt, just made more intense with occlusion.

I plan to try some of these as soon as I get a chance. I was really hoping the split squats would be OK as they felt decent when I tried them. Unfortunately, getting your feet on platforms/benches and trying to load the exercise is a bit awkward, so maybe I am better off. Cable belt squats will also be awkward. Reverse Lunge may be OK, and not as awkward to load since your feet are simply on the floor. I maybe able to make light squats work with occlusion. I have some hope there. Squats off the rack may also be a good one, but I would likely only get to do that once a week on the weekends (when I could workout while the kids are awake).

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