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Didn't actually workout yesterday so didn't bother with an entry. We just looked at and discussed exercises and the kinesiological aspects of the pectoralis major, latissimus dorsi, and teres major.

Tonight was generally made up by a single circuit in practical (as in no other real exercises or demonstrations). Due to low sleep and food I saw stars and stopped after the first circuit. We worked with partners, doing an exercise for a minute, switching with them, moving to next station, and so on. It was a pretty good circuit, I just felt like utter ****e today.

Plank/rope slams
wallsit/single arm clean+jerk+squat thing
inverted row hold/lat pulldown
left lunge hold/right (couldnt do this with my knees tonight)
dip hold/rowing maximal effort (felt better than I thought with my back injury)

The class did two circuits, as mentioned I did one. I'm hating not participating for various reasons, I really needed it. The rest of this week and on the weekend I am intending on really working on my little projects: core work with planks, bridges, wood chops, etc.

Nutrition class feels pretty remedial, but that was expected. It isn't annoying me at least, and it's good for making me actually memorize things. I'm sure in a month or so we should be getting to some additional material I'm not as familiar with.
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