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PT appointment for friday, 2nd testosterone test for monday.

Today drove me kinda nuts because I couldn't really join in on the exercise and it was looking like a lot of fun. We were to do muscular endurance assessments today, which everyone else mostly did aside from myself. This included at least five of (either reps or time held):
-side plank
-wall sit
-lunge hold
-inverted row hold
-hollow pose

I will be going for plank, pushups, dips, inverted row hold, and pullups as the ones I most want to improve on/won't hurt joints. I will do these as soon as I feel healed, stable, and am cleared by my PT.

The actual team event tonight was 3v3 to complete, as a team, 1000m row, then 60 each leg pistol squats, 90 burpees, 60 pushups, 90? supermans. I may have gotten the order of the reps wrong but that was about right. The two teams were pretty close, 13 minutes, and 14 minutes 13 seconds I believe.

As I couldn't participate eventually I started doing standing lat pulldowns as this was the exercise most safe for myself to do while injured. I ended up doing 12x10x150. Pretty **** good pump actually, and probably wrecked my forearms. Tomorrow I think I will be doing bodyweight squats v100 style, 5x20xbw, and some delt work. I may think of some other stuff too. We shall see.
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