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Default Lower back injury

So about 3 years ago I injured my lower back during a bad deadlift where I used too much back, to put it simply. I heart a loud sickening crack like you broke a dry femur without any soft tissue around it. I dropped and it took 2 hours to sit up, another hour to stand. This was a serious injury for quite a while. A couple times after that I minorly re-injured it when my back was fatigued and I bent at the waist just a bit too much. The doctor said it was a soft tissue injury, while at the time I thought it was a slipped disk that came with soft tissue disruption. Its been 2 years since I've had a problem with it, but last night after a bit of back work I was just around the house and bent over at the waist and it just dropped me, and its pretty bad. Severe difficulty walking most of the time, cannot bend.

Basically it is located over my left back dimple with a bit of spread, it is severely acute. It feels like the pain of a spine injury but isnt on the spine. I suppose it could be some kind of nerve issue around one of the transverse processes, but I'm not sure. When I walk around I hold a hand with good pressure on that spot and it seems to stop the 'slack' in that area from causing immense pain. In time it will stop hurting, but it will stay extra weak for quite a while afterwards, and indeed since the injury my lower back has felt much weaker.

I am going to a PT soon, but would like peoples input, or questions to help probe out the nature of this injury.
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