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Day 7 and 8 (double hours on saturday)

Felt pretty good today, more rested, no pre-class stress boredom from work, and was pretty well fed.

We did a few exercises, including a very light tutorial set of each of the below:

lunge and variations
plan and variations
DB rows
seated rows
upright rows
inverted rows
overhead press
front shoulder raise
lateral shoulder raise
posterior shoulder raise
chest press
incline press
pushup and variations

Did some technique work on the clean and jerk.

We did some initial strength testing today:
Reach: 7'7"
High Jump: 8'10"
Difference: 15 inches
Broad Jump: 5'6"

For my exercise for strength tracking I chose the leg press, a familiar piece of equipment I am quite familiar with and generally like (its easy on my injuries for the most part). Though the angle on this one is severe enough that it compresses my abdominal cavity from the fat on my stomach and the thick waist lining of my shorts+the tie string. Because of this I really can't reach a max, but oh well.

On my 4th set I stopped at 8 reps of 440lbs on a high angle reclined leg press. I could have easily gotten 10-11, maybe 12, but the issues in my right hip socket were making it less safe so I stopped. From 10 reps it is projected my 1RM would be 570 but I know this is low for the above reasons. As I've only done one or two legpress workouts in the last few months, this will likely improve in the near future substantially.

Pretty enjoyable day. Time to go PWO shake it up....after I get juice somewhere.

Oh, and I did 2000m, 10 minutes, of rowing. That kicked my ***. Not in a cardiovascular way but my back muscles and to a degree my arms. Definitely enjoying rowing, even if it started to hurt lol...

Also did a few tire flips, but not much, mostly just wanted to try it. I like it, but something I have to be careful with on my back.

This next week I will get my testosterone checked again, shortly to follow with treatment, and my life should change. Working on my HDL levels too and thoughts to my upper and lower cross.

HDL strategy: Mostly just making sure I work out maximally at school mixed with refining my diet to exclude terrible terrible things that my budget has mandated, and improving some LDL fighting, and HDL empowering items:
-fibrous fruit, including dried fruit
-wheat breads, grains, oatmeal, cereals, quinoa
-salad and veggies
-almonds and walnuts (mostly walnuts)
-flax seed oils, and other supplements
-olive oil (I already pack lots of this) and avocados

I also tried the bio-impedance machine today, which is suggested given my obesity, it may be more accurate than the calipers, which suggested 31.52% bodyfat, though I'd like that tested again by another person for diversity of technique. I did the bio-impedance test twice, once with arms down, once with arms at 90% to ground which apparently is the more accurate. The latter gave me a reading of 29.9% (I think it was .9, I forgot soon after I took it). Either way, a bit better this way. The first reading was 27.something%. I expected around there, due to my muscularity.

Progress starts here. I think I will take some posing pictures in a few if I can get worthwhile lighting to chart my progress, hoping but not likely to repeat once a month or two if I can remember.
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