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Day 6

Today we designed a general first workout for a hypothetical 60 year old man with knee pain (can squat but no lunge), but has exercise experience (aka already knows how to be active, just badly out of shape). Then we went through it and tried the workout, and continued on to analyze it afterwards. The only thing we didn't think would have been fitting was the around the world balance exercise (one footed moving around). The order could have been moved around a bit too.

Squat 2x12xBW
ball bridge 2x1 minute (one set moving, one isometric)
ball cobra 2x15xbw
cable chop 1x15x40, 1x20x70
TRX inverse row 2x12xBW
Around the world 1
assisted pullups 1x3
single leg shoulder press 2x15x15
calve raise 1x50xbw
dumbbell press 1x15x25's
pec stretch

wanted to do some more on my own but didn't have time tonight.
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