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So I got my call back from the doctor over the physical that I went and had for school, with a particular question on my hormone levels. To start with my HDL levels are down draaastically and I need to work on this like mad. But most importantly, my testosterone levels are at 192. It should be over 500, all the way up to 800. I have a bad curve in my lumbar, I don't sleep, I'm obese, and there are other things that could affect this. Regardless, getting this fixed could be a life changer. I feel like **** every day, this could change that.

So my HDL may be at 37 if I heard correctly over the phone. I want it back above 40, if possible, well over 60-80.
My blood pressure is 130/72. This is prehypertension. This needs to drop below 120.
Bodyfat is at 31.52, I want it below 20.
Bodyweight is 242, Generally speaking (as in if muscle increase a lot this is obviously not nailed down) I want to be under 200.
My RHR is at 65 which is pretty good, but I want it under 60.
My hips (where I actually keep my pants line at) measures at 49. I want this down to 34.

More stats to come I'm sure.
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