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Day 5.

First nutrition class. Wasn't too bad, but I know parts will annoy me, though my teacher seems to at least recognize that the mypyramid/plate stuff is at least in part foolish. We'll see.

Practical started with circumference and bodyfat calculations (tapes and calipers). I still need to take beginning pictures of myself at various angles to chart my progress and change, but for now here are tonight's measurements:

arm- L: 17.5, R 17.5 (this seems larger than I thought but I can recheck later)
chest- 47
waist- 49
hip- 48
thigh- 29
neck- 15.
calves- 17.75

Skin fold:
triceps- 13
chest- 25
sub scapula- 47
mid ax- 40
sacroiliac- 39
abs- 40
thigh- 62

This calculates to 31.52% bodyfat. I definitely have my work cut out for me.

So the practical 'workout' was a bit of balance work, and then lots of agility cones. I had street (well, casual work really) shoes on, which weren't really appropriate for this, and had some severe tightness around my big toes metatarsal, on top of feeling extra miserable. As such I sat out some of the workouts.
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