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So in working to deal with upper and lower cross issues, these are a few exercises I can work on to help combat this issue.

First and foremost really is just proper posture. Neutral shoulders (aka at my sides), back straight, no arching of my lumbar past natural, etc.

But also:

Anything where I am stretching and widening the chest, while strengthening the back (mostly). Any kind of row, making sure not to round the back, and pinching the scapula together. Reverse pec fly, any kind of pec/chest stretching. Pushing the head back into a car seat, and a forward neck exercise. More to come.

Lower Cross:
Activating the glutes, keeping the lower back as a stabilizer, but strengthening it as well. Bridges are fantastic, hyper extensions (or at least back extensions).

Once I get more of a chance to look over my notes I will expand this but a bunch of these are fine from home as is, and I'll be working on it more anyway over the next several months/forever.
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