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Day 4.

Eye fatigue level terrible come class time, but it was more misery than workout deterring. However, what usually happens is the practical instructor has some lecturing and demonstrating to do with us directly, maybe having us try things, but then to have us go through those principles and expand on them, understand them, and do them, he has the 'returners' (3/6 month students) run us newer people through some of them, possibly ending in a circuit made up of these exercises.

We started tonight with some lecture (in the practical that is, following the 2.5 hours of in-class lecture) on blood pressure, using stethoscopes and blood pressure equipment, but then went into the gym to work on upper/lower cross remedies. I have both severe upper cross, and some degree of lower cross. I did an amalgam of the below, not doing any actual routines with distinct sets.

seated rows
inverse trx rows
cardio row machine
lat pulldown
ski cardio machine
something like a standing pull down/pullover.
bridge/weighted pelvic raise.

A bit removed from class now (intend to record in class from now on but had to hurry) so I cannot recall if there were other noteworthy exercises.

With extra tired sleep (late night cat ER visit), and being in class, it appears that my resting heart rate is 71 (compared to totally rested but with green tea 65 last week), and an apparent 131/82 BP. We'll have to see about that latter one. I had a physical last friday and will have to get BP and testosterone results from them soon.

I will be trying to conduct regular, maybe every morning BP tracking to see the pattern through the stress adaptation curve, and track my bodies overall adaptive progress throughout my time here. I may also test BP before class, before workout, after if possible as well.
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