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hey!! thanks for checking in Commander!!! I have been superbusy at school for the Army, and didnt even have a computer...I tried updating from my phone, but it got!!

I am still running a version of that explosive/heavy hybrid i talked with you about,and seeing great results. I have been slow to up my working weights..but still seeing payoff. I have also added in power cleans..which are awesome!! I am now able to rep 225 from the floor, catch it in a full front squat and fininsh the lift. i have gained weight, but appear slimmer and more defined, my wife says I look wide..which i guess is a good thing!! strenght is going up as well for example

today i pulled 525x1, 5 sets on deads...easily

earlier this week I was able to squat 315x5, 5 sets relatively easily..315 itself isnt much..but the volume was pretty killer!

i have basically ditched traditional bench training..after squatting i go into an upper body cirucit that focuses on usually db bench or explosive bb press with pullups, some abs, pushups, etc..i still press heavy, only once in a whle for variation

some exp squat days i even superset squats with bench and dont set a rep or set limit..i just say i will superset these as much as i can in xxx amount of time...then leave!! haha

so everything is going well!! thanks for asking!!

i will be taking a week off now, time to take the kids on a well deserved summer vacation to Disney World! (summer with me in school and moving sucked for them)
my youtube channel:

finally got camera, more vids to come!
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