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So NPTI has started, I've been through three days of class and training now. I would have posted but the abc server was erroring out.

So the lectures are fantastic. Arik is the lead teacher and owner/operator of the particular school location, he's an awesome teacher, very funny and good at keeping our attention. Its very motivating so far, luckily I have a pretty good basic kinesiology and anatomy foundation so a lot of it I already know, but at the same time there are just revolutionary ideas for me like the alternating chain of mobile and stabilizing joints/regions. In Tuesdays class I wrote down 11 substantial things wrong with my body, here summarized in less:

1: chronic 10 year insomnia. My system is just so screwed up its like trying to put a rock back together from sand.

2: over mobilized and weak lower back from slipped disk/muscle strain due to back dead lift.

3: tendon damage in right wrist due to a fall during martial arts training, probably life long.

4: Some kind of weird pain in my left palm, somewhere in the carpals. No idea what it is or why its there.

5: what may be planar fasciatus, bloody painful in my left foot along one of the main tendons.

6: exposed ulnar nerve, or something weird with it.

7: unbalanced hip flexors/leg adductor/abductor. My feet point out considerably in neutral stance. Too much leg press with toes out.

8: Bracitus in both shoulders, at least I still have the severe looseness, especially in the left shoulder.

9: Severe pain in right hip, no idea what or why. Terribly hard to get around some days with it with random regular activity.

10: Lower cross

I expect and hope to fix most of these in the next 6 months. I have already changed my behavior and stance in a few areas of activity to stop making everything worse.

So we had a considerable workout the first night, the last two have been minimal. I should have gone to class today but I'm just going to hit 10 hours in a week and a half to stock some extra hours.

Day 1: aside from lessons, demonstrations, and warmups it made for a pretty good short workout. It wrecked my hands if nothing else, especially after some kettlebell worouts, inverse lat pulls, and some others. We did 3 circuits I believe: bridge, making waves with both then one hand alternating with a huge 1"+ diameter ropes 20' off, row machine (the cardio full version, not lifting), and I just can't remember the other two. It definitely worked me though and killed my grip. Something that will probably improve soon, but definitely a target of focus.

Day 2: Balance work, really quite light. Didn't manage a sweat. I can't remember most of the circuits there either now, needed to get them down sooner.

Day 3: Bit more of a workout circuit but not as much as monday. The first two days I felt miserable and ***ked up due to fatigue. Much better last night, I felt good. 1: ski cardio machine, 2: burpees, 3: frog bridge, 4: step climb/jump, 5: jump rope.

At the end I wanted to just keep lifting, but I had to get home and prep for today..which I didn't even attend.

Overall very happy with my choice of career entry and this school. The industry is moving towards licensing instead of just certifying and this is the place to prepare for such a thing. We're also more physical therapists in a big way than trainers. We train, certainly, but with the bulk of clients outside of sports teams my job will mostly be correcting bad physical behaviors and issues like the compacting of organs and nerves from bad vertebral shape, etc. I am excited and enjoying myself.

An excerpt of my written notes in my words to describe the spinal issues

Every system in your body below the skull is dependent on the signals coming from the brain through the spine. If you change the natural curving shape of the vertebral column, both the electrical signals sent and the organs around the spine get compressed/impinged. This will cause pain, discomfort, bad adaptions to relieve these symptoms, and will/can cause future issues across multiple systems. Your breathing, your digestion, even the electricity being sent to your reproductive system to generate testosterone. Issues in these systems have strong negative effects all across your body. Fixing the structure of the spine and the signals it sends, it relieves a lot of stress making functions of the body easier, and fixing many direct issues.
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