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I assume you mean their conclusions and not their methodology. Methodology and comparison to numerous other studies is not something I have the time to look into at the moment, but as far as conclusions I find them generally unimportant to the topic at hand. There will always be a outliers and specific cases where a generally harmful agent may be useful, such as the highly toxic nature of 'chemo' meds and radiation therapy. However, saturated fats are negative dietary elements in the normal range healthy body, and unsaturated fats are generally good.

There are vast differences between mono and polyunsaturated fats, of course, and the balance and amounts of these is also important. Any vitamin, mineral, or fat, including the 'hallowed' linolenic omega 3, will either cause harm or do no extra benefit, while things like saturated and trans fats, as well as LDL cholesterol have the potential to be negative, if not harmful, at nominal levels.

For studies that found no health benefits to unsaturated fats, there are studies that do, enough of an abundance in adequate quality for me to use that as my baseline. There are counter-results to nearly every study.

Also, as I mentioned, the fish oil are authentic non-manufactured ingredients, though they are still supplements. Supplements are not synonymous to standard dietary digestion of the source foods. I have nonetheless seen many studies with strong results for the positive effects of fish oil. I personally prefer using flax seed oil for my linolenic supplementation, but either way. Vitamin E, selenium and omega 3 supplementation are some of the most grounded and certain supplements in terms of demonstrated benefits.

These studies listed are useful, but they are not addressing normal standard 98.5%+ of the public. We are not talking about malnourished, alcoholic, or other special condition/category diets the majority of the time.
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