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I'm always interested in new bits of information and research, afterall I am pursuing a career in dietetics (note that I am at the very beginning of it). However, many years of epidemiology have shown connections between unsaturated fats and health benefits, while saturated, trans fats, and cholesterol (LDL anyway) have shown severe health detriments. Given that fish oil is not an artificial source, even if not inside the fish itself, I tend to doubt reports of these kinds. Not to the considerable amount of monetizaton on his blog...

"This makes the fat of these animals entirely healthy for both them and us. There is one caveat, however: Nowadays, the establishment is trying to make fats 'healthier' by feeding animals with commercially produced foodstuffs that contain high levels of polyunsaturated seed oils, notably from soya and maize (corn). "

Saturated fat is never 'entirely healthy' for us. We have nothing but studies showing how badly it can lead to damage in our circulatory system, ending in strokes, heart attacks, complications with things like diabetes, etc. Also...the establishment feeds animals commercially produced foodstuffs, especially corn, because it fattens the animals up in a FAR quicker time, to a FAR greater level. A chicken a hundred years ago and one now is 'ready' in around half the time and is 2-3x as big. Many animals raised for their meat would die not long after because of the unnatural corn diet.

Saturated fat=bad.
unsaturated fats=good in the right amounts and balances.
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